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Welcome to Poshtotti Clothing Company

Womens Clothing, Sarongs,  Accessories and Jewellery

An eclectic mix of colourful beachwear, that's easy to wear in natural fabrics and is ideal for spending the day on the beach and in the evening dining and dancing.

As women in today’s world we always seem to be so busy, either working, caring, cooking, shopping, cleaning, when we stop to think, where does our confidence really come from? At Poshtotti we came up with the theory if a woman feels good in what she is wearing, she can wear her confidence with pride. We also believe that with the mixture of fabulous colours, beautiful natural fabrics that drape and flow over our bodies in a flattering way, we will hope that you will see yourself as others see you, vibrant, happy confident and loved.

It all starts from within and if a woman can FEEL that she is looking good, then it comes across from her every pore and empowers her to give out her confidence and kindness to others. So have a look in our store and see what we have that might just help you.

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